Monday, 16 January 2017

Hitting the lowest

Sometimes our life comes down crashing, leaving us with splinters of past happy life. And we are left with hollowness and a bitter pain inside. At this point of time life loses its meaning. Daily we shove ourself, we fake motivation, but at the day end, we know we were deceitful to everyone including us.

A simple thing like smiling also hurt us.  It's like being a zombie, neither completely dead nor completely alive. It is a pathetic state. Most of us are traveling or had traveled this lane.

And I arrived at one conclusion either succumb to darkness or find a way out.
Indeed we may not have any clue about what to do next. But giving up is not the solution.  If u are at such a point take a break. Yes, sometimes we need to disconnect ourselves in order to clear our mind because a cluttered mind can't think properly. It's really ok to fail, to end up at zero level.
 But it's not ok to quit.

If we have lost everything it’s a blessing because we can start from zero, and without fear, as we have nothing to lose. So we can play rough and fight hard.

 Don’t  give up till your last breath.

Thursday, 28 July 2016


I'll break every rule you made,
I am coming to destroy you.
It's time for my revenge.
I'll beat you dear society,
Beat you till you bleed badly.
It's time for my revenge. 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

I want this :)

I stumbled upon this photo on Instagram, and at very moment they stole my heart. 
After owning a pet i realised, animals are blessing. They are not only a pet or companion, they are happiness medicine, they are Angel in Fur.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Behind the wall

Today one of my friend send me a video, short movie of 8 mints, " behind the wall".
A guy got trap in lift with a Muslim girl.
A heat touching story.
It made me realize although whatever crap is going on in the world. People like my friend , movie team and many others, who keep trying spread humanity and love will outreach every thing.
Thumps up for your efforts. Every one who in one or another way is spreading goodness on this Earth.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

There is always another way

'There is always another way' - Dory

This quote echoed in my head when I left the theater and it is still in my mind. 
Sometimes we are lost. Even we loses our last chance for success and we end up thinking there is no way out, there is no opportunity left for us. In the midst of frenzy, we don't realise that there is another way just at the corner waiting for us. we simply need to take a deep breath calm our self.  Fear of not achieving our goals, not living a life of our dreams. We don't see any path.

Another way for an ordinary girl to do something extraordinary. I know it may be hard but there is always  be another way. 
And me and you will find that very soon. 

Stay Happy :)

Friday, 24 June 2016


It was hell you were living in. You were on a road with a dead end. Many times it crossed your mind to end up your unsuccessful meaning less life, but look at yourself, you survived.
There was no hope for you, still u moved on.
I know there are still scars on you, but you bravely lived through hell.
Embrace that soul of warrior you have, who never let you down.
No matter where you stand now, you are successful or still in process of achieving your goals.
Proud of yourself, admire that soul.
You didn't give up to circumstances
When u wake up today look at the sky, feel your heart beat.
You survived through all and made your life.
You are best.
Cheers to you.
When u look yourself in Mirror simply remind yourself,
"yes you i am proud of you."

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


He knocked my door, I was numb to see FEAR once again on my door step.
I have left him back many years ago and decided to be fearless. 

But now after so many years, he paid a visit to mock me. 
To terrorize me and fill me with nasty thoughts.

Slowly he was achieving his goals, I was surrendering to his foul game.

I was scared of losing everything I have, 
scared of not achieving my dreams.
I was knocked down by fear and he was celebrating his victory.
I was lost and confused, i was scared. But it was too much, 
I can't take it any more, I summoned courage and looked into his eyes,
I stared deep into his eyes and challenged him. now he is scared of me, he melted away.

I know he may visit me again, but I 'll not surrender, not give in to his desires.
instead will show him door to leave.